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Lisa Fikac, MSN, RNC-NIC
Neonatal Outreach Coordinator Cape Fear Valley Health System PO Box 2000
Fayetteville, NC 28302

Office: (910)615-6933
Fax: (910)615-5472




Welcome to the Perinatal Education Webpage of Cape Fear Valley Health System.  This page is dedicated to providing educational and patient care information for staff working in the perinatal and neonatal areas of Southeastern North Carolina.

Please note, the activities are formatted for use with Windows operating systems. Difficulties may be encountered with Apple operating systems.

When Mother-Baby University began over 10 years ago, it was started as a regional neonatal/perinatal outreach project. Over the years, learners from all over the country and world have used this website for care information and free nursing contact hours. I am proud that we have been there for so many people. However, this truly was supposed to be outreach to staff working in Southeastern North Carolina.

The website has spurts of intense labor for myself and the planning committee. Countless hours go into the development of lessons. They also are reviewed and updated at least every 2 years to make sure that information is current. Quarterly reports are also done on the 20 lessons. It is much larger than it ever was intended to be.

With that said, March 1 will mark a change in the Mother-Baby University website. The information in lessons will remain available to anyone who wants to use the site. However, only employees from facilities in Southeastern North Carolina will be able to take the tests for free contact hours. Also, some lessons that do not see much activity from quarterly reports will be retired.

It has been a pleasure to serve everyone, and I hope that you may still find the website as a useful resource!


Lisa Fikac

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